Scripts can be saved in just about any format you desire, however some are easier to work with than others. We account for time to format the script for our system when we discuss the job requirements with you. Scripts can be emailed in advance or provided at the event on a USB drive or CD.

We can work with these file types:





We can easily format your script for our software, however it's best to keep things simple.

Tables, special formatting (bullets, colors, indents, tabs, sizing, fonts) will not translate to our software. Also, if possible turn "track changes" off.

This helps ensure that nothing goes wrong as we are live-scrolling. What works best for us looks like this:


Sustainability is a complex issue that touches our global society, environment and economy...
and is being addressed in many different ways

At Bob's Large Corporation, we're addressing the challenge of sustainability through six focus areas:

Conducting business in a manner that protects the environment;

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, and with the use of our products;

Maintaining safe, secure workplaces and incident-free operations;

Creating long-term global economic and social benefits;

Adhering to high ethical standards and legal compliance in all aspects of our business;

and Positively influencing and supporting our local communities.

By proactively and effectively engaging in each of these areas, we're ensuring the long-term success of our business, brands, and our license to operate in communities around the world.

It's also strongly preferred that our operator be the last point of contact for the script. This means that if any changes must be made after we have the script and have started formatting it, we make them to the version we have instead of getting new versions. Working this way cuts down on formatting time and ensures that what's in the prompter is accurate and up-to-date.

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Guidelines for script formatting

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