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We continue to be Washington DC's first choice.

Here is what you can expect when you hire us:

Our Policies:

Our technicians are punctual, professional, courteous and discreet. We adhere to a business casual style of dress for most indoor events, and weather appropriate for outdoor events. Stage black or more formal attire is available by request.


We prefer to have 24 hours notice or more in order to book a job. That way we can make sure the equipment and technician are available at the time you need them. We will also do our best to accommodate your last-minute needs.

All of our operators are equally skilled, but developing a rapport with clients and crew is also quite valuable. If you prefer a specific technician for your event we are happy to oblige, but we require a billing commitment at the time of booking, and cannot refund cancelled jobs.

Billing and Expenses:

We directly pass along any costs for parking, tolls and any mileage greater than 10 miles outside the DC beltway, as well as any mileage between multiple locations. Mileage is billed at the federal rate.

For new customers, CPS requires a credit card for billing. For established clients we bill net30.


The full quoted rate is applicable to jobs cancelled less than 24 business hours from the call time.

Loading In:

We do not require the use of loading docks or freight elevators - our equipment is small and discrete enough to enter through the 'front door'

Through the Lens (film and video) jobs:

What's Included

  • Through the Lens Prompter
  • 100ft total of BNC cable
  • AC Cables & power strips.
  • Mounting hardware and necessary tools for camera tripod
  • Laptop with software
  • Tripod with 48” max height
    (standard TTL prompters can reach up to about 60”, high bright prompters about 52”)
  • Backup equipment

We will need

  • Easy access to AC power
    (for an additional fee, we can supply a generator or battery for outdoor or remote shots)

Public Speaking (aka Presidential or SpeechView) Jobs:

What's Included:

  • 200’ maximum BNC cable
  • AC cables & power strips
  • DA with extra video feed
  • Laptop with software
  • 2 SpeechView Prompters per podium
  • Backup equipment

We will need:

  • Table & Chair, preferably with an eyeline to the stage.
  • Audio Monitor (to ensure the operator can hear the speaker)
  • Cable for runs longer than 200’
  • AC power dropped at the podium
  • AC power dropped at the operator's table

The Capitol Prompting Experience:

Our company policies, What to expect when you hire us, what each gear package includes, and what we will need onsite.


Guidelines for script formatting

Our Clients:

We love our clients and they love us! Here are just a few that we've worked with over the years.